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We will Build & Manage Your eCommerce Store From Scratch!
OUR GOAL: To create an eCom store for you that's generating AT LEAST $30k a month in only 30 days time!
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Josh Gold

Josh Gold is one of the fastest growing consultants and information marketing experts in the world. He learned from the best gurus to become one of the biggest consultants in multiple niches. He also worked with Fortune 500 companies and helped them with business strategy, to grow in a tough financial market. He’s an expert in helping online business owners start earning 6-7 figures from existing businesses.

My Team and I Have Built OVER 500 SUCCESSFUL Stores.

Below are some examples of the kinds of results we accomplished for hundreds of clients...

and the kinds of results you can expect from working with us.

AMAZING ROI ($10-20 for every $1 invested)
Scaling to the max : Shop now makes $90k Month
$61.7k in his first month doing eCommerce
For every $1 spent $21 was generated
For every $1 spent $20 was generated
For every $1 spent $8 was generated
Creating a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE STORE isn't easy.

 If you were to start your own store now... You'd need to do ALL of the things below to be successful:

Create a well-designed and correctly configured
Shopify Store.

Your website should be designed with best practices in mind, in order for maximum sales.
In addition, you have to set up payment processing, shipping rules, connect customer purchases to your ordering process, and so much more.

Choose the right
products that will sell.

You have to sell products that the market wants. But finding out what those products are can take lots of time and money spent in testing.

Find suppliers and manufacturers.

The wrong supplier will kill your business. You have to find reliable suppliers; who will provide a quality product at a good price, and will ship it on time.

Setup a Drop-Shipping process.

A successful store must have an efficient drop-shipping process so that customer orders are immediately related to your supplier. Failure in this area would mean customers don't get their orders on time, and a giant headache for you.

Create winning
Facebook Ads.

New entrepreneurs tend to loses hundreds or even thousands with failed Facebook Ads campaigns.

Continuously analyze and make changes as needed.

Every aspect of the sales, marketing, and fulfillment processes must be continuously analyzed, so that you know what you're doing well and, most importantly, where you're going wrong.

Our Portfolio



Try to do all of the hard work alone without failing.

Spend hundreds of dollars—maybe thousands of dollars—and years of your life trying to figure stuff out on your own and hoping it works.



Let us handle all the hard work for you!

We will build and manage a custom and personalized store for you from scratch!

Learn a proven successful system...
from a team that has mastered making successful stores for other people just like you.

We have one main purpose:



Research & Preperation to Launch Successfully

First and foremost, we will do all the research and set up the fundamentals that you need to get started e.g. your niche, store settings, products, suppliers, etc. Making sure everything is ready and in place for you to launch your store.

Me and my expert team will:
  • ​Help you pick a niche that converts, find products for you that niche, and add them into your store
  • ​complete research about your niche and products and send it over in a PDF format so you can understand exactly what's going on and be a part of the process
  • ​Set up your store settings according to your unique niche and location
  • ​Set up your merchant settings
  • ​Set up your shipping settings
  • Find the BEST products to add to your store, starting with 5 categories and 20 products
  • Compile a supplier list and research for products in PDF format
  • ​Design a store logo with the name you choose
  • ​Design a custom storefront
  • ​Setup the new pixel for YOU!
  • ​Setup a custom theme that's split tested and proven to convert x5 higher than the normal themes to make sure you store converts higher & looks more professional
  • ​Add the best applications that can instantly double or triple your profits


In the second step: we will start putting this into action and create campaigns for you and start testing... We will do all the research for you and even start the campaigns for you.

Me and my expert team will:
  • ​Setup your Facebook Ad campaigns weekly
  • ​Test the products on your store and add new ones weekly
The best part is we do everything according to your budget! You can start with a budget as low as $5-10 a day!

Continuous Management & Scaling

We'll eliminate losing campaigns, optimize successful ones and scale continuously... making sure that you spend your time on what actually matters!

Me and my expert team will:
  • ​Eliminate campaigns that are losing money daily
  • ​Identify winning campaigns and analyze their stats daily
  • ​Optimize and improve all campaigns
  • ​Scale the campaigns when needed and notify you as soon as there is a scaleable campaign
  • ​Research new products and trends weekly
  • ​Build and manage a team for you once it's time
Everything will be done together, working with you to get the fastest results!

If you work with us you don't have to worry about: Designing and configuring your store settings, installing apps, finding suppliers, adding products to your store, OR creating ads!

All you have to do is monitor your store and collect payments. We can handle everything else for you. 

In addition to creating high converting and beautiful ads, and an amazing eCommerce store...
We'll also make sure to walk you through our entire process step-by-step. You will have FULL access to our Shopify mastermind knowledge and experience that others pay $2500+ for!
I want to be completely honest and transparent with you. That's why I'm including this disclaimer here and not hidden at the bottom of the page like others.

Although we will do ALL the hard work for you, we HIGHLY recommend working with us throughout the process, because that will get you the absolute best results!

All you really have to do is put in few hours a week and that is enough to make a difference while our team handles the rest.

So while you can still work with us, do nothing and still get results... we HIGHLY recommend you work  with us because that is what's best for your business.


Try this course for the next 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, just let me know and I’ll issue a prompt refund. No questions asked. All the risk is on me!
We mastered how to be successful in eCommerce down to a science.
And we're ready to partner up with YOU!


And start growing your e-commerce store TODAY!

SILVER Starter Store Package

was $1997
One Time Fee.
  • Silver Starter Site DONE-FOR-YOU Store
    (15 Products, 3 Facebook Ads)
  • Personalized Targeting and Ads to use for Facebook
  • Well-Designed and Configured Store
  • Custom Theme Programmed for Your Needs
  • Full 1-1 Support from Me and My Expert Team
  • Scale-Based Applications Setup
  • 100% Customized Services
  • BONUS: Complete A-Z eCommerce Course
    A home study library showing you how to manage your store and go from $0 - $100,000. ($2,497 value)

GOLD Starter Store Package

was $2997
One Time Fee.
  • Gold DONE-FOR-YOU Store
    (30 Products, 8 Facebook Ads)
  • Personalized Targeting and Ads to Use for Facebook 
  • Well-Designed and Configured Store
  • Custom Theme Programmed for Your Needs
  • Full 1-1 Support from Me and My Expert Team
  • Scale-Based Application Setup
  • 100% Customized Services
  • BONUS: Complete A-Z eCommerce Course
    A home study library showing you how to manage your store and go from $0 - $100,000. ($2,497 value)
  • BONUS: Coaching VIdeo Chat Access
    LIVE group coaching calls reviewing your progress and answer questions.

Claim your spot TODAY!

We like to keep classes small and personal so we can give our members 100% coaching and support.

Because of this enrollment for this E-COMPLETE SUITE program is closing soon. Spots are filling up fast!

And once those spots are filled E-COMPLETE SUITE will close to new members temporarily, until it’s time for the next round.

Meaning if you want me and my expert team to build and manage a successful custom and personalized store for you from scratch, you need to make your decision NOW… TODAY… FAST.

You need to decide if you are going to grow your business successfully, or try to do all of the hard work alone hoping that you get it right.


 Do you guarantee sales for my store?
We would if we could, but we would get sued by the FTC as guaranteeing income is illegal. So if any other program guarantees that you'll make money, it's most likely a scam.

What we can guarantee is that our expert team will follow a proven successful process that we've used to create hundreds of profitable stores.

We can also guarantee that you'll get lifetime support from us until you make money. And if you don't make money with our help we will give you a full refund.

 Do you chose the niche for us or do we have to?
You have 3 options:

1) You can choose a niche from a list of niches that we'' provide you with.

2) You can let us choose your niche.

3) We can open a general store for you with multiple niches.

It's up to you.
What if I already have an existing store? Can I still use this service?
If you already have a store, that's now a problem. We will make your store 10x better!

We'll adjust all the settings and add new products just like we do when we're starting a new store.

We do this to make sure everything is setup correctly. If it is we'll be able to create your updated store more quickly, start adding products and running ads
 For how long will you be managing my store?
Our initial engagement will last 30 days. During which we'll create your store, find and test products, create ads, and much more.

If you want us to continue growing and optimizing your store after the 30 days, it will cost $500 for every 30 days.

You can cancel at any time and still keep your store, ads, and everything else we've provided you with.

There is no minimum commitment.

I'm an advance marketer. Is this for me?
Our eComplete Suite is designed for beginners that aren't making money with eCommerce yet, people who want to grow their eCom business to generate $10k a month. 

If your store is already making above $10k a month, we will help you manage your store to get it to the next level.

eDo I need to do any work?
We highly recommend you work with us on growing your store. Your hard work will increase your chances of succeeding by 10 times.

We're here to help you succeed and setup your store but eventually, this will be your business and it's important  that you understand how to run it.

When you join we'll provide a course that teaches you how to add products, make Facebook ads, and more!
 This sounds too good, what's in it for you?
We create online stores, that's what we do. We handle all the technical, product testing, and marketing aspects; and we have built a team to enable us to do this at a large scale.

Our team was able to create hundreds of successful stores for our clients and us, 5 years of expertise being the top in eCommerce, over $250,000 spent on split testing and countless sleepless nights is what allows us to offer this service.

We are focusing our efforts on non profit action for green action and local community efforts for the less fortunate
We’re looking forward to working with you on building your business!
See you on the inside!

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